Best Birthday Freebies in Canada

Best Birthday Freebies in Canada – Companies consistently shower us with presents and certificates every year on our birthdays. A wonderful treat, like complimentary cake or coffee, to commemorate an annual event is the icing on the cake. Depending on the firm, freebies might be given out at any time of the week, not only on birthdays.

Best Birthday Freebies in Canada

Best Birthday Freebies in Canada

Birthday bonuses are a common occurrence at restaurants. Birthday discounts could be available at fast food joints and other companies that have customer loyalty programs. There will be an abundance of free food and drink offered to you all during your birthday week. You don’t need a rewards card to get birthday-themed cocktails and desserts at many restaurants. Customers who sign up for rewards at Starbucks and other comparable establishments are eligible for birthday bonuses. The nicest aspect about these reward systems is that they don’t cost anything.

How to Make Sure you are Eligible for Birthday Offers

Please note that this is in no way an all-inclusive list of birthday deals or freebies that Canadians may enjoy. Verify the fine print to ensure your eligibility for any birthday benefits. Businesses often have requirements that customers must meet before they can do anything, like sign up for their rewards program.

A legitimate form of picture identification is typically required because many birthday deals and promos have expiration dates. It is common practice to need a birth certificate when making an offer for a child.

The majority of discounts need a purchase before they can be used.

When you enrol in the appreciation program, be sure to provide your birthday in the appropriate field. This information is necessary for the firm to send out the birthday promotion. The birthday on your ID must coincide with the one on your record.

Your birthday offers should still be able to reach you, but please check your spam folder just in case. This isn’t always the case, though, when companies send out offers.

Birthday Freebies in Canada

You may be sure that these free Canadian birthday goodies will brighten up your special day. If your birthday is approaching, you may be eligible to get the following freebies:

  • Profit from the free drinks offered by Starbucks
  • Free food is being given out by Tim Hortons.
  • Pancakes at no cost Fragrant Sephora cosmetics and fragrances
  • Canada offers a wide variety of freebies, such as food, sweets, drinks, and even birthday presents, and you can locate them all in our catalogue.

Places that Offer Birthday Freebies

Companies in Canada really go the extra mile to give away goodies on birthdays. You won’t expect to find some of these places anywhere.


Best Birthday Freebies in Canada

A Build Your Own Grand Slam at any of Denny’s restaurants around Canada would be the ultimate birthday treat. Besides Niagara Falls and Nepean, no other places compare. Please bring identification with you so that the firm can honour you with this deal.

Red Robin

Best Birthday Freebies in Canada

Red Robin is hosting a complimentary gourmet burger celebration for anybody in the provinces of Alberta or British Columbia who is celebrating a birthday. Unlike at other eateries, this deal is valid all year round. Feel free to request it on any day of the month that falls within your birthday. Unfortunately, this deal is only valid for Red Robin Royalty members.


Best Birthday Freebies in Canada

When you pay for your Starbucks purchases with your rewards card. Some breakfast sandwiches or drinks may be on the house as a token of our appreciation for your special day. In addition to being accessible on your birthday, it is often accessible whenever you access the app or log in to the website. To be qualified, you need to have a Starbucks gift card and the app downloaded at least seven days prior to your birthday.

The Tim Hortons

Best Birthday Freebies in Canada

Tim Hortons is another fantastic freebie for those who love breakfast and coffee. Every year on their birthday, app-using Timon Rewards members have the chance to win a complimentary breakfast sandwich or drink. This discount may be used directly through the app.

Cobs Bread

Best Birthday Freebies in Canada

In addition to their regular menu items, Cobs Bread also offers a fantastic birthday cinnamon bun. Sign up for the Cob’s email newsletter at least seven days before your birthday if you want to take part. You also need to have bought something from Cobs Bread in the past twelve months. The discount will be available to you for a period of fourteen days after your birthday.

Boston Pizza

Best Birthday Freebies in Canada

On your birthday, you may get a free dessert through the My BP Loyalty program, even if you don’t buy anything. Typically, you may anticipate receiving it in the mail around one week prior to your birthday, and its validity term is two weeks.

David’s Tea

Best Birthday Freebies in Canada

Join the Frequent Steeper Club if you’re a big admirer of David’s Tea. On your birthday, David’s Tea used to give you a free cup of tea, but now you may earn 5 points instead. It may not amount to much, but it will move you closer to free items.


Best Birthday Freebies in Canada

Birthday bonuses from IHOP can be available to some customers in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta. If you sign up for the Pancake Revolution eClub, you could be eligible to get a free pancake on your birthday.


Best Birthday Freebies in Canada

The birthday gift program is available at Harvey’s, another fast-food joint. When you join the Burger Boss Rewards Program, you’ll be eligible for free fries and a bonus item, which is often a free burger with special discount coupons.

Dairy Queen

Best Birthday Freebies in Canada

A lot of fast-food restaurants have loyalty programs, and Dairy Queen is no exception. You may get a freebie if you join their Blizzard Fan Club. In addition, on your birthday, you will get a BOGO coupon in the mail.


Birthday bonus programs are commonplace at most companies. Numerous birthday deals and freebies may be found online. Getting free food and a surprise on your birthday is the best thing ever. Additionally, you are not limited to a single trading zone or regulation. There is a plethora of free birthday goods available in stores and online, so the decision is yours.

TellHappyStar – Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s Survey –

Burgers are the all-time favorite snacks for everyone. Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr is a great place from where you can satisfy your craving. The restaurant started the TellHappyStar Survey Hardees survey to know the feedback of its customers.

TellHappyStar - Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s Survey -

The company collects positive and negative reviews that help it to know its shortcomings. So you need to make a little effort to fill this survey there is some question that you need to answer honestly.

Take Survey  Feedback

True feedback helps the company to bring improvement and innovation in many ways.

In this survey, you need to answer a few questions about your experience and the quality of food. It takes only 5 to 10 minutes to review this survey and you can grab a great chance to win gift cards.

Steps to Enter into Tellhappystar Survey

This survey takes only a few minutes. It is a great way to help an organization grow and develop by giving valuable feedback.

  • Visit the official website
  • Read the instructions you will not have any confusion.
  • You will see the option take a survey option just click on that.
  • Select the language you are comfortable with.
  • Enter the 7-digit store number mentioned on the receipt.
  • Enter the date and time you last visited the store.
  • Check your receipt’s hard copy and find the survey code.
  • Enter the amount paid against the bill at Hardees and Carl’s restaurant.
  • You need to answer some questions as per your experience at the restaurant.
  • Answer all the questions and select the appropriate choice.
  • Leave the necessary feedback and rate overall satisfaction at the outlet.
  • Complete the survey.
  • Give your details like name and date of birth.
  • Wait for the validation code if you get it otherwise, you will enter into the sweepstakes.

Don’t worry your personal information will be safe and never will be misused by the CKE management. This is required only to find out the lucky winner of this survey.

TellHappyStar - Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s Survey -

SurveyTellHappyStar Survey
Entry LimitUnlimited
LanguageEnglish, Spanish

How to Take part in this Survey?

  • To complete this survey you need to fulfill certain criteria. Here I am going to mention the requirements you must know.
  • Read the instructions carefully.
  • You must know English or Spanish.
  • The survey code is valid for an individual only.
  • The age of the participant must be 18 years or more.
  • A valid email id.
  • This survey is not applicable to the employees, their family members, friends, subsidiaries, and persons working at the restaurant.
  • If your receipt is not valid you cannot enter this survey.
  • One receipt is valid only once.
  • Good connection to the Internet.
  • Laptop, PC, or tablet.
  • The prize of the survey can be redeemed within 30 days.
  • No cash will be given instead of the prize.
  • You cannot transfer your prize to anyone.

Keep the hard copy of the receipt in your hand. Before leaving the page make sure you will see its success. Note the validation code to get your points.

Why you should participate in the Survey

Everyone craves good food. We have a habit of sharing our feedback and experience about the food. With a large variety of restaurants in the town a customer, it’s our duty to provide feedback.

This survey gives you a chance to tell about your suggestions and comments. Just think your little feedback can change the restaurant drastically. Taking this survey you will know the experience every time you visit.

TellHappyStar - Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s Survey -

What types of Questions were asked in the Survey?

  1. Food quality and a variety of items are available on the menu.
  2. Prices of the different items on the menu.
  3. Services provided by the restaurant.
  4. The behavior of employees with customers.
  5. Order accuracy and timely service.

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What is the survey period?

The TellHappySurvey started on January 01, 2021, and ends on December 31st, 2021.

About Carl’s Jr. and Hardees

Tellhappystar – Carl’s Jr. and Hardees is an American fast-food chain running since the 1960s. It is famous for delicious items like fries, burgers, beverages, and lots of other items. The food chain has branches in 38 countries around the world.

The official website is, Here you can get scrambled eggs, biscuits, etc.

TelltheBell – Win $500 Cash Prize – Taco Bell Survey

The TelltheBell Survey is introduced by a company named Taco Bell. You can take this survey very easily from your comfort zone. This is an online survey. You must have a good internet connection to take this survey.

TelltheBell – Taco Bell Survey

You also get an opportunity to grab various things or gift cards. Only legal or permanent residents of the United States can take it.

Tell the Bell - Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey

You also get an opportunity to get cash rewards through the survey. The company is known for its amazing food service. By taking this survey you can provide your feedback on their services and also on their products.  – Taco Bell Survey

Things that are important to have with yourself to take the Tell the bell survey from the taco bell company:

  1. An ideal internet connection is a must-have for taking the survey. Without an internet connection that provides an ideal data speed, you cannot take the steps of the survey smoothly. So check your internet connection before proceeding with the survey.
  2. As the Survey is an online survey you need to have an electronic device with you to take the survey. You can use any electronic device like your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or maybe your PC to take the survey by Taco bell.
  3. To begin with, for the survey question you need to input a code number that is printed on the receipt of the Taco Company. Thus, you need to have with yourself the Taco bell company receipt to take over the survey. The receipt is a must-have while you take the survey. Make sure that the receipt is not too old it needs to be the recent one for sure.

How to Take the Taco Bell Survey

  • To take the survey you need to visit the official website for the survey The website that you need to visit for taking the survey is Open the web browser on your selected electronic device type down the given web address and then click on the search icon simultaneously. Clicking on the search icon will directly lead you to the home page of the provided website.
  • Your screen will display you a page on the survey website where you need to input the 16-digit code number present in the taco bell receipt. The 17-digit number is the survey code of the survey. Without that survey code, you cannot take the survey. Thus, the receipt is one of the most important things while you take the survey.
  • Once you have typed down the code for the survey from the receipt of the company click on the start button to start with the questions of the survey related to your experience in the company.
  • Answer all of the survey questions that are provided to you. All the survey questions are related to the experience that you had during your visit to the company. You need to rate some of the survey questions as per your satisfaction level, you may be asked to answer some of the questions in lines too, and so on.
  • After you have answered successfully all the questions you need to click on the submit button to submit your feedback. You should answer all the questions with full honesty. Clicking on the submit button will successfully submit and record your survey.

Things you should know before taking the Tell the Bell Survey

  1. The purpose of the taco bell survey is to know their consumers better and also the consumer’s opinion about the company’s products and services. To make the survey more convenient it is held online mode.
  2. The company is based in the United States and so is the survey. To take the survey you need to be a legal resident of the United States.
  3. The survey is conducted in two languages. The languages are English and Spanish. People who want to take the survey need to have basic knowledge and understanding of any of the languages.
  4. The taco bell survey giveaways cash rewards as a prize to some of the survey takers.

The Benefit of the TelltheBell Survey

If you are taking the taco bell survey you get an opportunity to get cash rewards in the form of prizes. The survey winner will be sent an email to their given mail address. You can also get your cash rewards during your upcoming visits to the company.

Rules and Regulations by Taco Bell Survey

  • For taking the survey the first and foremost thing is that you need to be a United States legal resident. You need to be a resident who has been living in the United States for more than 50 years successfully.
  • The survey taker needs to be at least 18 years of age or maybe more. No one is allowed to take the survey who is below 18 years of age.
  • You need to have a basic understanding of English or Spanish. Basic knowledge of any of your preferable languages from the provided two languages would be enough to take the survey. The survey taker needs to have only a basic understanding and knowledge of their chosen language.
  • The taco bell survey is only applicable to their consumers. The employees, authorities, and their family members are not allowed to take the taco bell survey.
  • You can only take the taco bell survey if you have the payment receipt of the company yourself. Without the receipt, no one is allowed to take the survey. You need to take the survey within the first 2 days of your issued date for your receipt.

About the Taco Bell

Taco Bell was established in the year 1946. It was earlier named Bell’s drive. The founder of the company is Glenn Bell. The company has been serving all over the country for more than 23 years now. The company tries to provide its customers with the best service it can.

The taco bell company is also known for its amazing food services. The company also has branches all over the country. The company has also made a record of serving 2 million customers every year.

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Take the most convenient and easy survey and get a chance to win cash rewards. The survey can be taken easily by just following some simple steps that are provided above. – Panda Express Feedback

PandaExpress wants to know genuine feedback from its customers. This survey takes only a few minutes and you will get two entrees on your next visit to Feedback helps PandaExpress to maintain food standards. – Panda Express Feedback

It’s a great opportunity to speak to Panda Express. The management of the company gets a chance to improve the quality of food and services. A customer can finish the questionnaire in a few minutes. - Panda Express Guest Survey

How to Enter in Panda Survey?

  • Go to the official website
  • Enter the store number found on the top of the receipt.
  • Write the restaurant and order number.
  • What type of your order was dine-in or drive-thru?
  • You have to answer all the questions as per your experience at the restaurant.
  • Review customer service.
  • Give a rating according to the restaurant.
  • Don’t forget to write about your experience in the food chain.
  • After giving honest replies to all the questions you need to press the submit button.
  • You will get a coupon code that you can redeem during your next visit.

Rules you must know for Panda Survey?

You need to follow some rules to enter this survey.

  • Purchase receipt and its validity

You must have a purchase receipt not less than 2 days after the purchase of the food from Panda. This receipt must not be more than 2 days old.

  • Save the receipt to claim the prize

To claim the prize you need to show the receipt in case you lost the receipt you cannot claim the prize.

  • A separate receipt is required

One receipt is eligible for one prize, even if your family member wants to enter this survey they need a separate receipt. - Panda Express Guest Survey

Questions asked in the Panda Express Feedback

  1. Cleanliness of the eatery.
  2. Quality of food items and beverages.
  3. Frequency of service.
  4. Cost of food.
  5. Friendliness of the staff.

What do you need to enter in Panda Express Survey?

  • If you are a regular customer of Panda you must take part in this survey this will be helpful to the store.
  • A laptop, tablet, PC, or Smartphone is required to enter this survey.
  • Fast-speed Internet connection.
  • A receipt is required to know the store number, welcome code, etc.
  • Knowledge of the English language.
  • How to enter PandaSurvey using mobile?
  • To participate in the PandaSurvey you need to find a store near you.
  • But whatever you like to eat and take the receipt.
  • Dial the number 1-888-51-PANDA.
  • Answer all the questions on the screen.
  • After answering them you will get an auto-generated code. Keep this code safe.
  • Keep the receipt safe show this receipt and get your prize.
  • You will get your prize of one entry item, purchasing 2 entrée items. - Panda Express Guest Survey

About Panda Express

Panda Express is one of the largest Asian segment restaurant chains in the USA and has more than 2,200 branches. It is famous for chow mein and orange chicken. There are 27,000 employees are working in this food chain.


Panda Express survey is a great source that bridges the gap between the customer and the restaurant. To provide true feedback so that you will see the difference during your next visit.

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TalktoWendys – FREE Sandwich – Wendy’s Survey

Do you love meals at Wendy’s? Yes! It is one of the most popular fast-food chains around the world. Wendy’s wants to know its customers efficiently. For this, they have introduced the survey Talktowendys.

TalktoWendys - Wendy's Survey -

TalktoWendys – Wendy’s Survey

With honest information about the quality of food and services, the restaurant can improve its quality. A survey is an effective tool to measure customer loyalty.

What do you need for Wendy’s Survey?

  • There are some requirements that you need to fulfill to conduct this survey.
  • The survey can be done on a Laptop/Computer/Smartphone.
  • You must visit Wendy’s at least once so that you can review your experience possibly.
  • Few minutes from your valuable time.
  • Answer all the questions honestly.

Steps to enter in Wendy’s Survey?

  • It is simple to survey the online portal. Follow some basic steps for this survey.
  • Purchase at Wendy’s to check whether the survey code is printed on it.
  • Visit the official website
  • You need to select the language in which you want to conduct the survey.
  • Select English or Spanish, the default language is English.
  • Type the details like the date and time of your visit. All these details are on the purchase receipt.
  • After submitting these details press the Start button and move toward the survey.
  • You will be redirected to the page on which you will see a questionnaire about your last visit to Wendy’s.
  • Answer all the questions and give contact details. These details help Wendy’s to contact the lucky winner of the TalktoWendy Survey.
  • In the end, you will find a validation code note it down.
  • This code is required to claim your rewards.

TalktoWendys - Wendy's Survey -

Types of the questions asked in Wendy’s Survey?

  • Quality of food and services at the store.
  • The behavior of the staff.
  • What rating do you want to give for cleanliness and hygiene?
  • Any issue at the restaurant?
  • Suggestions to improve our services.
  • Do you recommend Wendy’s to your loved ones?
  • What is the frequency of your visit to Wendy’s?

What is the eligibility for TalktoWendys?

  • Your age must be 18 years or more than that.
  • Wendy’s receipt with an 8-digit code. This code is used to enter the survey.
  • The code you receive can be used within 2 weeks. It means you can redeem it to receive a free chicken or sandwich. But for more than two weeks this code has had no use.
  • Knowledge of English, French or Spanish.
  • One coupon can be claimed in a month. If you use a different coupon you have to wait for 30 days for the new one.
  • A coupon can be used once only.
  • You can’t convert your coupon to convert into cash or any other alternative.

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So next time when you visit Wendy’s don’t forget to take part in the survey. By sparing a small amount of time you will get an additional incentive. All the best!