TalktoSonic – Win Free Route 44 Drink – Sonic Survey

TalktoSonic is one of the popular surveys these days.  The restaurant needs five minutes to know what improvements are required for their restaurant.  This survey is aimed to improve the business of the Sonic restaurant. The winner of the survey gets Free Route 44 Drink.

TalktoSonic - Win Free Route 44 Drink - Sonic Survey

TalktoSonic – Win Free Route 44 Drink

If you want to enter this survey you need to know the requirements and rules of this survey. Through this article, I am going to share all these things.

What you need to Sonic Survey

  1. Receipt of the Drive-in restaurant with an ID Number.
  2. Fast Internet Connection.
  3. 5 to 10 minutes to answer questions.
  4. A computer, laptop, Smartphone etc.
  5. Knowledge of English or Spanish.
  6. A valid email id.

What you know before entering to Talktosonic Survey?

  • Purchase receipt of any Sonic store containing Survey invitation code.
  • A resident of the USA is eligible for this survey.
  • The age limit for this survey is 18 years and above.
  • You cannot transfer your prize.
  • Employees of Sonic cannot participate in this survey.

Steps to enter into the Sonic Survey?

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Check your receipt for the ID and type that ID.
  3. Press the start button to start the survey.
  4. Keep in mind your experience at the Sonic questions will be there about your experience.
  5. Answer the questions genuinely and give a rating to your overall satisfaction.
  6. Give your contact details properly.
  7. Now submit the survey that’s it!

Types of the questions asked in this survey

  • Rate your satisfaction level at the store.
  • The last order you did during your last visit.
  • The quality of food and drinks available at the store.
  • Services and facilities provided by the staff.
  • Do you have any issues during your last visit?
  • How accurate and efficient your order was?
  • The price of the item you purchase is justifiable?

TalktoSonic - Win Free Route 44 Drink - Sonic Survey

Can you enter this survey more than once?

As per the rules you can enter this survey only once. Some tips can be used to enter in talk to sonic surveys multiple times. When you enter the survey the company saves the unique code of your internet.

If you change the IP and Mac address. This can be done by changing the Internet connection. You can use a new internet connection or change your MAC address by using another electronic gadget.

Do you want to get a secret Bonus?

It is a great survey in which you can get free drinks as you like. Only you just have to buy and enter to Talk to Sonic to get 1 extra promotional offer for free. Having more receipts increases the chances of winning.

What Prizes and rewards you can win?

Completing this survey you will get the Free Sonic Route 44 Drink. The prizes are Free Iced tea, soft drink, limeades, and slush. Keep in mind one coupon will give you one prize, but you have a choice to select one from it.

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A large number of people enter this survey. The administration is busy considering the survey seriously. Each feedback is valuable ensures seriousness during your next visit. So don’t forget to take the survey during your next visit.

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